1. What is Pokémon Run 2024?
Pokémon Run 2024 has finally visited Indonesia, having visited various countries previously. This event is the second Running event with Pokémon themed in several cities in Indonesia. There are two categories for this Running Event; 3K and 5K. Several activities will be done at the run route, including an inflatable slide safe for kids. Register yourself and your family now to enjoy the fun activities and entertainment.

2. When and where will the event be held?
Pokémon Run 2024 will be held on Sunday, 12 May 2024, at Univeritas Ciputra - Citraland Surabaya.

3. When will the registration for Pokémon Run open?
Registration will be open on 5 April - 5 May 2024. However, the registration will be closed if the quota is filled.

4. Who is allowed to join this Pokémon Run event?
Participants for the general category should be Indonesian Citizens, Foreigners Citizens and reach the minimum age of 12 years old. And for kids participants in the Family Run Package should reach 7 years old.

5. How much is the registration fee for Pokémon Run 2024?
The cut-off time terms are as below:
- 3K : 1 Hour
- 5K : 1 Hour

6. What are the participant's mechanisms in joining Pokémon Run 2024?
For registration procedures, please click here.

7. How much is the registration fee for Pokémon Run 2024?
Registration fee:
3K Family Run : IDR 350,000
5K Fun Run : IDR 250,000

8. What are the benefits that participants will get
For participant’s benefits, please click here.

9. When and where will I collect my race pack?
Participants should collect the race pack by showing a confirmation email as registration proof and identity card, and bring it to:
- Day/Date : Friday – Saturday, 10 – 11 May 2024
- Time : 06.00 - 19.00
- Location : Pakuwon Mall Surabaya

10. What would have happened if I didn't collect my race pack at the specified location and time?
The presence of participants when collecting race packs is mandatory. If the participant does not collect the race pack on the specified day, it will be considered as stepping down from the event. However, if the participants are not able to attend the race pack collection, they can be represented by another person by bringing a Power of Attorney Letter which can be download here.

11. What time will Pokemon Run 2024 start?
The Run will start at 06.00 - finish.

12. Is there any deposit counter provided?
- Deposit counter will be provided at the event location or start/finish area for participants who have BIB Number only.
- Arriving earlier at the event location is highly recommended if you want to deposit your goods to prevent queuing.
- Crews only served the deposit goods at 04.00 - 09.00
- Bringing goods as necessary is highly recommended.
- Depositing luxury goods is not recommended.
- Participants who deposit/take goods from the deposit counter should show BIB Number to the crew and fill the deposit goods form.

13. Is there any changing room provided?
For changing rooms, participants can use available toilets at the event location.

14. What should I bring when I run?
Please bring goods as necessary. Participants are not allowed to bring sharp tools/weapons that will harm themselves. And participants with certain illnesses should bring their own medication.

15. How are the parking areas?
- Participants can park their own vehicle at the parking area near Lapangan Renon.
- Parking tickets will be the participant's responsibility, not the organizer's.

16. Where is the location for water stations and ambulances?
The location of water stations and ambulances can be seen on the map on the website and information section of Pokémon Run 2024 registration.

17. Is it allowed to take a shortcut to get to the finish line?
Every participant is not allowed to take the shortcut, if there are unwanted things that occur, participants should take responsibility.

18. Whom can I contact to ask for more information regarding this event?
For more information regarding the event, you can contact us via;
- Website :
- WhatsApp : 0814-1219-3467
- SocialMedia : ,
Organized by :
Sponsored by :
Monday – Friday (09.00 – 18.00 WIB)